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for PVCu doors
   uPVC profile french door

MULTISAFE French door solution

French door lock for PVCu doors

Image: Faceplate door locking for uPVC doors
MULTISAFE French door solution -
The rod exclusion get extended by a lever in the french door and than locked over the cylinder key.
The suitable one-piece strike plates for top and bottom are multi adjustable, to gurantee an optimal proof.
The serial device offer an easy closing of the locking mechanism.
  • solid locking mechanism with 20 mm exclusion to top and bottom
  • all locking points are adjustable
  • simple and economical to install
  • combinable with key or lever operated standard lockings with two hook bolts
Image: Locking mechanism with hook bolts and additionally with roller cams     Image: Stable faceplate door locking mechanism to top and bottom