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Certified and approved emergency door locks

FUHR emergency door locks according to DIN EN 1125 and DIN EN 179

Chosse security preventive
for single-leaf and french panic and emergency exit doors
The Eurpean standard EN 1125 and EN 179 define the design and functionality of emergency and panic exit doors. The main aim of these standards is the security and guarding of the people in emergency situations.

FUHR offers functional and convenient locking mechanisms which are ready for emergency situations at any time. They guarantee safety, because the locking systems are certified with the lock, the cylinder and the fitting system.

FUHR MULTISAFE 870 gets you a high security standard against unauthorized access. Particulary the automtatic FUHR MULTISAFE 873, which you can not forget to lock.

Made for all types of use.

Image: Overview of certified FUHR MULTISAFE Panic lock mechanism