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  for PVCu doors
   uPVC profile

  for Aluminium doors
   Aluminium profile

  for Timber doors
   Timber doors

For single emergency exit doors of Aluminium, PVCu or Timber

Image: MULTISAFE 870 - Panic locking mechansim for single escape doors
MULTISAFE 870 - for panic- and emergency exit doors
  • available in 3 different locking versions:
    - steel hook bolts
    - steel round bolts
    - hook bolts with dual round bolts
  • certified solution according to DIN EN 1125 and DIN EN 179, see certificates
  • right/left applicable
  • with transmission
  • 35/40/45/55/65/80 mm pin
  • 92 mm dinstance
  • 9/8 mm solid spindle
  • 9 mm split spindle
  • flat faceplate 16/20/24 x 2.170 mm, silver
  • U-faceplate 24 x 6 x 2.170 mm, silver
  • further designs on request
Be reminded that a free-
movement cylinder with compulsion disconnection is needed!
Picto escape doors
Outside: The door is locked and unlocked by two key turns. By locks with solid spindle the latch with the cylinder key get closed via transmission. By the optional lock drive the latch can be activate easy by the key.
By locks with split spindle the latch can be closed via the lever. Please be attend at these design to applicate a fitting with a split 4-edge-bolt.

Inside: The door is closed and open with two key turns.
Additional the door is locked and unlocked promptly via the lever or a panic exit bar (panic opener). After a panic opener the door can be closed by the key turns.
Image: Suitable for the application on panic doors   Bild: Suitable for the application on emergency exit doors