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  for PVCu doors
   uPVC profile double door


Faceplate door lock with shoot bolt
for PVCu doors with opposite fitting groove

This system for faceplate doors with an opposite fitting groove allows an easy installation without any milling.
Image: MULTISAFE 840 - Faceplate door lock for uPVC doors
2 versions available:

Version D - for installation with a standard multipoint lock with solid faceplate:
- top shoot bolt       16/20 x 181 mm
- bottom shoot bolt  16 x 550/785 mm / 
                              20 x 550 mm

Version NL - SKG-certified, resistance class 2, for installation with a multipoint locking with 2-piece faceplate:
- top shoot bolt        16/20 x 550/785 mm
- bottom shoot bolt   16/20 x 550/785 mm
In this version the hook bolts block the shoot bolts in closed condition.
  • Saves time and costs -
    easy installing of the shoot bolts in the fitting groove without complex measurement and adjustment.
  • Safety approved -
    the MULTISAFE multipoint lock, approved in several tests, gives you, in combination with a shoot bolt with 20 mm cache and 10 mm diameter projection, a solid and perfect working technology.
  • Universal applicable -
    always suitable for all PVCu profiles with opposite Euro fitting groove.
  • Easy handling-
    just turn the lever and the fixed leaf is open.
  • Locking funtion on request-
    Locking mechanism of the MULTISAFE-locks with hook bolts via key or lever operting.
  • Attractive design-
    The fitting is covered in the rebate and the silver surface adapted harmoniously on each door design.
Image: Faceplate lock with hook bolts and bar exclusion     Image: Locking according to desire - with key or lever oepration