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Tilt and turn systems for PVCu windows

The solution for all applications - FUHR TIPSAFE

All fitting parts are centrally fixed
  • in avoidance of incorrect installation
Image: Tilt and turn fitting FUHR TIPSAFE
Adjustability for simple subsequent adjustment of the sash:
  • roller cams - adjustment by eccentric pin
  • Corner bearing - side and height adjustment
  • Tip stay arm - adjustment by internal hex-head srew
Tip stay arm adjustable from right to left without tools (FUHR patent).
Restriction of burglary up to resistance class 2 by adjustable mushroom cams
  • with matching elegant strike plates
The shear and tensile forces are absorbed by support plates
  • The screws got a firm hold in the base of the groove.
Retrofitable additional components:
  • anti slam device
  • mishandling device
  • slash lifter
  • night or crack vent
  • handle limiter
  • etc.
Less special parts for special shapes
  • like angled or arched windows
Quality documentation by permanent testing
Image: FUHR TIPSAFE available with roller cams as well as adjustable mashroom cams.      Image: Tip stay arm adjustable to right and left without tools (FUHR patent).      Image: Slash lifter for a convenient intake and easy handling as accessoires available in combination with a special tip unit.