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FUHR is a medium-sized family-owned company, whose headquarters have been located in the hardware mecca of Heiligenhaus since 1859. The core business of FUHR is the development and production of high-quality and secure multipoint locking systems for house, object and apartment doors. The FUHR brand stands for high quality standards and consistent further development with the aim of reliably protecting property and increasing operating comfort at the door.
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With an innovative program consisting of automatic, panic and electronically controlled motor locks, FUHR is setting new standards and is one of the market leaders in the industry. The multitronic 881 fully-motorized multipoint locking system is one of the most modern security systems in its class. With it the customer wishes are fulfilled to the highest comfort, maximum energy saving and comprehensive safety. Intelligent access systems, e.g. radio fingerprint scanner, radio transponder reader or radio keypads, expand the portfolio in the area of motorised locks. Latest developments in this sector are reflected in the SmartTouch comfort access, which is similar to the "keyless go" known from the automotive industry, or in the WLAN-based door opening system SmartConnect easy, which allows the operation and administration with the smartphone.

In addition to the headquarters in Heiligenhaus, FUHR produces also in its own production plant in Poland as well as in other international supplier companies under the strict conditions of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Around 240 people are employed at the headquarters in Heiligenhaus. From here all activities are managed – Germany, Europe and worldwide. As an internationally active company, FUHR has a well-developed distribution network in selected markets, in addition to the branches in Great Britain, the Netherlands and Poland.
Since 160 years: FUHR – Security for your door